Enrollment Process

Harrison Preparatory School

Enrollment Process and Admissions Policy

Enrollment Process

  1. District Employees, Current Students, and Siblings of current students
    1. The above-mentioned groups will take precedence over ALL enrollment, and before the groups listed in sections 1 & 2 of this document and will be enrolled first.
    2. February 1st—March 1st each year (These groups will apply concurrently)
      1. Currently enrolled students returning next year (in/out district).
      2. Siblings currently at HP who have other siblings within CPSD that wish to transfer.
      3. Siblings currently at HP who have other siblings out of district that wish to transfer.
      4. Students within CPSD who are applying for the following school year.
    3. As of May 16th each year, all waivers (in & out of district) will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis.
  2. Request to Transfer—In District
    1. Families wishing to enroll their students must complete an enrollment packet provided by Harrison Preparatory School—this includes an in-district transfer waiver form.
    2. On February 1st each year, a family may submit a completed packet to secure a spot on the waitlist.
    3. After January 31st each year, enrollment for the current year will end.
    4. On/after February 1st each year, a family may supply Harrison Preparatory School with a completed enrollment packet for possible matriculation into the next year class—a fully completed enrollment packet will be required to secure a waitlist position.
  3. Request to Transfer—Out of District
    1. Out of district transfers will follow the same enrollment process, including beginning and ending enrollment dates—an out of district release waiver will be required and obtained from the family’s home school district.
    2. Out of district families will be given secondary priority over in district families.
    3. Once the in-district waitlist has been exhausted, students will be admitted from the out of district waitlist. As of May 16th each year, all waivers (in & out of district) will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. Waitlist
    1. Families and students on the Harrison Preparatory waitlist will only exist if the grade level requested is capped, we are unable to physically place a child in the specific courses they need, and if we are unable to accommodate a student’s special needs (IEP, SPED etc.).
    2. The waitlist will be maintained concurrently with each student’s current grade level, and potential future grade level—this means that a student on their current grade year waitlist will move to the following grade year waitlist at the end of the school year.
    3. Students who regrettably do not pass their current grade will keep their waitlist position for the grade they are still attempting to gain acceptance.
  5. Acceptance
    1. All current year enrollment decisions will be made by March 15th of each year.
    2. All next year enrollment decisions will be made by June 1st of each year.
  6. Forfeiting Waitlist Position:
    1. It is the family’s and student’s responsibility to notify Harrison Preparatory School of any demographic informational changes. Harrison Prep will not be held responsible for having inaccurate addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.
    2. If HP is unable to contact the family within 2 working days or the family fails to return a call or email within 2 working days, the student will be automatically removed from the waitlist.
    3. It will then be the responsibility of the family to re-apply to the Harrison Preparatory School—ultimately being placed at the end of a waitlist, if in effect.
  7. Withdrawal & Future Transfers
    1. If a family moves, chooses to remove their child from Harrison Preparatory School or for any other reason the student will no longer continue their education here, exit procedures will be implemented.
      1. Exit interviews will be set up with parents and the student.
      2. Exit surveys will be distributed to families via email.
      3. Withdrawal forms and other necessary student documents will be given to the families at exit, to ensure easy matriculation to the student’s new school.

Parent Informational Nights

Harrison Preparatory School will host at least two informational nights per school year. The informational sessions will give parents and interested families an opportunity to learn about Harrison Prep and the IB programs offered at HP, an opportunity to pose questions to HP leadership and staff, and to learn about the enrollment process.

IB Programme Admissions Policy


All students in grades 6-10 participate in the Middle Years Programme. Harrison Prep employs subject group flexibility for students in grades 9 and 10 as well as makes necessary accommodations for students with special education requirements in order to meet the standards and practices for the MYP curriculum.


For students with continuous enrollment at Harrison Prep, there are no additional requirements for admissions to the DP. In the spring semester of grade 10, the IB Coordinator and counselor provide information on course selections for each subject group and an overview of the DP assessment model to all current students. Student schedules are made based on the course offerings for each group as well as based on teacher recommendation and student performance on pre-requisite courses in Spanish, Mathematics, and Sciences. In Year 1 of the DP, all students are scheduled as diploma candidates with a course for each subject for groups 1-6 as well as

Theory of Knowledge (TOK). For students with special education requirements, TOK may not be scheduled or may be used as an elective course towards general graduation requirements. In Year 2 of the DP, formal exam registrations are submitted by the IB Coordinator on behalf of all seniors. It is in Year 2 that students are recognized as full diploma or partial course candidates.

For students newly enrolling in the DP at Harrison Prep, students submit an application for enrollment that is reviewed by the registrar and counselor. A meeting is set up with the student, family, counselor, and IB Coordinator to review the programme requirements, explain the IB DP model and philosophy and counsel the student for appropriate course selection. If a student is enrolling in the second year, course candidate options are made available when possible as well as if a student joins Harrison Prep in the first year of DP without enough course hours to meet the SL and HL requirements. When a student is not able to participate in the DP course assessment but still wishes to enroll at Harrison Prep, then the student is seated in DP courses, completes assigned coursework from the teacher, but does not submit ecoursework to the IBO or sit for DP exams.