IB MYP and DP World School

IB MYP and DP World School

Welcome to the IB Program

Harrison is an authorized Middle Years Programme IB school for grades 6-10 and an authorized Diploma Programme for students in grades 11-12.
In general, IB programs are based on a 3 fundamental principles:

  • Holistic learning: Treating the student as a lifelong learner (Learner Profile) and assessing students' mastery based on standards.

  • Communication: Teaching students in their native language as well as giving access to other languages in order to help them understand themselves, others, and the world

  • Intercultural connections: Sharing the importance of international-mindedness so that students may see similarities and differences without fearing the unknown.

Our rigorous curriculum and extensive focus on accountability and critical thinking, paired with a drive for public service, create global citizens who are culturally conscience that continually seek to learn and help others.

The Harrison Preparatory International Baccalaureate Programs ready students for college, higher educational success and an infinite life of continued learning!


About the IB Coordinator

NAME: Erika Cox
TITLE: IB Coordinator
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 253-583-5418

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