#SuperSchoolShoutout: Arts in Education Week

#SuperSchoolShoutout: Arts in Education Week
Posted on 09/15/2023

This week, Clover Park School District (CPSD) is continuing to show CPSD pride by celebrating Arts in Education Week with a #SuperSchoolShoutout to Harrison Preparatory School art teacher Sarah Neal and art student Samuel Reed.

Arts in Education Week Teacher and Student HP

Sarah works with students from eighth grade to 11th grade and teaches visual art, exploring art and the IB Diploma Program (DP) visual art class. She encourages her students to develop their own form of artistic expression as these young adults begin to see themselves as true artists.

Sarah’s students work with mixed mediums, and she is committed to helping them understand that there is no one way to create art. Every year, she looks forward to the end-of-year art show where students can show the community the impressive work they created throughout the year.

“The students here continue to amaze me with their artistic passion,” Sarah said. “I hope they leave my class with confidence in their artistic ability and a stronger sense of their own individual artistic expression.”

Samuel is a senior at Harrison Prep whose passion for art has led to exciting opportunities. This past weekend, he displayed and sold his artwork at the City of Lakewood's Fiesta de la Familia event!

Samuel is of Brazilian heritage and his artwork often reflects his culture. Before showcasing his work at the Fiesta, Samuel designed two of the colorful wraps on the electrical distribution boxes around the city. You can see his work on the corner of 96th Street and South Tacoma Way, and on the corner of 112th Street and Bridgeport Way SW.

“Art is expression, and it should always be taught at school because it’s not easily accessible to everyone,” Samuel said. “Next year, I want to continue studying art at an art school and have also been looking at other universities with art programs.”