Principal Message

Principal Kevin Rupprecht

As the semester draws to a close, I find myself in a reflective mindset. I am thinking about all of our students and families and the entirety of the HP community. One of our greatest strengths is our Diversity. In this school, we have every walk of life representing cultures and languages from across the globe, every major world religion and non-religious, the entirety of the political spectrum, the entirety of the social spectrum. We embrace our cultural strengths, and value our diversity, and teach the IB Learner Profile Traits; Caring, Open Minded, Principled, Balanced, Reflective, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Risk-Taker, Communicator, while promoting the District 4 Pillars: Character, Leadership, Lifelong Learning and Collaboration. HP strives to live our Mission of ensuring all students are Carign, Confident, Curious, and College Ready, preparing all students for life after Graduation, being college and university ready, regardless of a student's path to University, Career, or Armed Forces.

With all of the diverse strengths of HP, we must all recognize that there is no room for any unkindness. No room for racial, social, religious, or gender-based slurs.

I ask all of our families to engage in these important conversations with their students about slurs and the inappropriateness of them. I ask our families to empower our students to stand up against bullying, intimidation, and harassment, slurs, and any form of unkindness.

We engage in these conversations with our students within our classroom and advisory lessons. We engage in these conversations through 1-1 and small groups. We partner with our District Office to engage in meaningful professional development with the staff and conversations with our students.

HP is not tolerant of slurs, and appropriate disciplinary and corrective measures are taken to curb any unwanted behaviors.

We continue to ask for family support in these important and necessary conversations, as we want all students to be treated with the dignity that each person is deserving of.

We look forward to a great Second Semester and partnering with our families to educate the whole student towards a meaningful diploma.