HP Enrollment for 2021-2022

HP Enrollment Open for 2021-2022
Posted on 02/02/2021
Apply to enroll your student to HP

Hello interested Harrison Prep students, for the school year 2021-2022! 

We are accepting enrollment requests for grades 6-11.  We will have limited enrollment availability for grades 7-11. 

If you are interested in completing the HP Enrollment Request Process, please complete both online forms in their entirety.  When you have submitted both online forms, your Enrollment Request will be date and time stamped to help us facilitate your request. 

    1. The Clover Park School District Online Enrollment Form existing students in the district (click "New Student Online Enrollment" in the left navigation menu) or new students to the district
    2. The Clover Park School District Request for Transfer Between Clover Park Schools Online Form (or Request for Out of District Transfer)

Both online forms must be completed and submitted for your enrollment request to be electronically time and date stamped.

The Harrison Prep Registrar’s Office will process enrollment requests based on the time and date stamp, and in accordance with the Clover Park School District Policy 3131-P1

We look forward to having your student join the HP community!