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High School and Middle School Sports
Posted on 03/09/2021
Learn about sports opportunities

The middle schools will be begin offering an Intramural Sports Program next week beginning Thursday March 11th.  The middle schools will practice, scrimmage, and compete only with students from their school and Harrison Prep; the schools will not be competing in their regular league VS students from other schools. The individual programs and coaches will stress learning and skill development and use periodic competitive dills and scrimmages to provide game-like experiences for learning. Our program will focus on the district’s 4 pillars: Character, Leadership, Collaboration, and Lifelong Learning.

Students will attend after school practices from 3:15 to 5:00 twice per week on their assigned in-building cohort days (Groups A or B).   An activity bus will be provided on practice days to get students home (only for students who live in that school’s attendance area). Students may only attend on their assigned Hybrid days; students will not be permitted to practice on days they are in virtual learning. If a student is not participating in face-to-face learning and they can provide their own transportation to practice, they will be assigned to a cohort (A or B) and will attend practices on their assigned day and use the activity bus to return home if needed.

We have limited space for changing clothes due to COVID protocols so whenever possible students should wear clothes to school they can practice in. ALL STUDENTS MUST complete the attestation form prior to attending practice (in building students complete the form before attending school and off campus students should complete it before they arrive. Coaches will be confirming completion prior to all practices.

Students and families need to complete the registration and eligibility forms in their individual Skyward accounts (primary guardians must have their own account). If you need help completing the documents, please call the school where you are participating in sports for assistance.  Students must have a current physical (no more than 24 months old) on file at the school or bring one to Harrison Prep.  We will scan and e-mail it to the school where you are participating in sports.  Due to the uniqueness of the intramural seasons, the middle schools have modified or waived some of the standard eligibility requirements. Please see the bullet points below:

  • The middle schools will not be collecting ASB fees this year, so you will not be required to purchase an ASB.
  • While we will continue to encourage academic excellence, students will not have an academic requirement for the 2020-2021 school year only.
  • Students and staff must always ALL where a mask and practice COVID protocols while participating.
  • Unfortunately, when teams are scrimmaging or providing competitive drills, families are not permitted to attend due to COVID protocols.

All Harrison Prep students participating in athletics must turn in a completed and signed sports contract to Ms. Vlaming in the H.P. main office.  Copies of the contract are in the office and can be e-mailed to you upon request.

With limited time left in the school year, there will be two sports seasons. Currently, wrestling or girls and boys basketball cannot be offered. They are considered High Risk and are not included in the governor’s phase 2 plan and a phase 3 has yet to be determined.

Football this year (2nd season) will be non-contact flag football and for THIS YEAR ONLY

6th graders are permitted to participate. We will offer the following sports during their designated season:

    • Baseball
    • Co-Ed Track and Field
    • Co-Ed Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Co-Ed Cross Country
    • Girls Fastpitch softball
    • Co-Ed Tennis
    • 7 on 7 Flag Football

The middle schools are excited to see you all again. If you have questions, please call Harrison Prep at (253) 583-5418 or e-mail Ms.Vlaming at: